The Lottery Alliance provides the best way for enthusiastic lotto players to increase their chances to win a jackpot without increasing their cost to play.

Each player is placed on a TEAM of 16 Members who share 384 chances during each 4-Week Play Period every month. Playing as a group, the TEAM shares 128 Powerball chances and 256 Mega Millions chances for a $50 contribution per Play Period. Playing alone, $50 would purchase only 34 total chances during the same 4-week Play Period and provide a total of only 16 Powerball chances ($32) and 18 Mega Millions chances ($18).

Kevin Venner, Founder of the Lottery Alliance, has been organizing and managing group play for lotto enthusiasts since 1999. No TEAM has yet won a jackpot, however, a group did come within one number of winning a $45 Million jackpot. Players leverage their money with group play and TEAMs always win money during the month – even without winning a jackpot. Sharing a little bit of something is better than getting 100% of nothing, which is what most players get whenever they play by themselves. Playing with a group of lotto enthusiasts is fun and exciting.

So, Don’t Just Play to Win… PLAN to Win!

For details about how to Join our WeLotto Club, check out our TEAM SAMPLE PAGE or request additional information by sending your contact details to info@lotteryalliance.com.

Player Support: support@lotteryalliance.com