Increase Chances to Win with WeLotto Club

The Lottery Alliance balls are rolling once again and we would love for you to be a winner! During the next few weeks, we begin building a limited number of 16-Member TEAMs that will allow you to leverage your playing dollars for an increased number of chances to win money in both Powerball and Mega Millions.

The WeLotto.Club website will be the place to increase your chances to win by more than 1,000 percent by pooling your resources with 15 other lotto enthusiasts. Your monthly TEAM contribution to the group effort will be $50, which will give you 384 chances to win. You will have 128 Chances in Powerball (PB) and 256 Chances in Mega Millions (MM) to win monthly.

Playing lotto alone, you would get only 34 Chances to Win with $50, which would include your purchase of 16 Powerball chances ($32) and 18 Mega Millions chances ($18). By pooling with 15 other TEAM Members, you will get 16 PB and 32 MM chances TWICE EACH WEEK for the 4-Week Play Period. That provides you with $512 worth of chances every month with a contribution of only $50 That’s why the WeLotto Club is the SMART Way to Play.

To view your share of a jackpot win, quick and easy access to details are shown on each WeLotto Club TEAM Page. Email, today, to secure your position on a Winning TEAM. Provide your contact information and we will send membership details regarding your TEAM’s start date, ticket images, number combinations and pool contribution.


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